Luxury Yacht Builder Chooses Western Air Ducts and Inteliair®

When a luxury boat builder asked for a solution to the airborne dust problems they were experiencing within their temperature controlled CNC hull forming building they knew exactly who to turn to.

It was clear from the outset that no ordinary dust extraction system would suit this application, with a 30-metre * 12-metre CNC machine and a multi-axis routing head ‘at source’ extraction was out of the question. Similarly the extract volume required to extract from the full length of the CNC machine rendered this option impractical both from a cost and heat loss perspective.

We therefore developed a design whereby air was extracted from both sides of the CNC gantry with the extract provision travelling with the gantry movement. This was possible thanks to our patented Inteliair® control system that opened pneumatically operated dampers within the extract ductwork in accordance with the position of the CNC gantry. This enabled the extraction to be focussed as much as was practical whilst still providing extraction capability the full length of the building.

A fully automated intelligent dust extraction system meeting the requirements of the client thanks to Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd. and Inteliair®.

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Expected energy savings per fan is 40% therefore

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