Introducing Inteliair®: The Energy-Efficient Solution

Combat the Energy Price Cap Crisis

With the recent news of the energy price cap crisis and how it may cause up to a 54% increase in our energy bills, many of us are searching for cost-effective ways to reduce our gas and electric expenses. Fortunately, Inteliair® offers bespoke, low-cost energy alternatives to existing industrial ventilation systems through their award-winning Inteliair® Air Control System.

About twelve months ago (April 2022), millions of UK households and businesses will be impacted by the energy price cap crisis, adding even more financial strain on companies during an already difficult period. By retrofitting existing dust and fume extraction systems with Inteliair®, businesses could reduce energy consumption by over 40%, reduce heat loss, noise output and can be fitted to existing systems. These reductions in fan energy costs could payback on a businesses investment in as little as a year.

By optimising both industrial ventilation fan speed and pressure, Inteliair® offers unique energy-saving benefits that result in a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to any other industrial ventilation system worldwide. With the implementation of this smarter and more intelligent ventilation airflow control system, businesses can save money while also reducing their environmental impact.

In summary, if you’re looking for a solution to combat the energy price cap crisis and reduce your energy costs, consider switching to Inteliair® – an award-winning and cost-effective solution to your industrial ventilation needs.

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Energy Cost Reduction Calculator

Expected energy savings per fan is 40% therefore

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